Individual Wealth Management Services

Finding an advisor skilled in individual wealth management services is tricky because the financial landscape is confusing. Should you engage a stockbroker at a big bank, a large insurance firm, a smaller financial planning firm, or a discount brokerage firm, and what’s the difference? Most affluent families likely seek the unbiased opinions of professional money managers and advisors that run Registered Investment Advisory (RIA) Firms, like ours. An RIA is registered with the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) and is typically operated by individuals with significant experience in advising wealth. 

As fiduciaries, we are held to the very highest standard of care and are required to act solely in our clients’ best interest. Unlike many traditional brokerage firms, we do not have any quotas to fill or products to sell and we don’t charge commissions; our only goal is to help our clients in a manner that’s most beneficial to them. Additionally, since we are completely independent, we have access to research from many investment banks and brokerage firms, without being tied to any single one. By drawing information from a wide array of sources, we are able to choose and develop the best ideas for our clients.

With regard to individual wealth management services, we believe we offer an attractive alternative to large banks, financial planners or other brokerage firms by offering a more relationship centric option that’s fair and transparent, built on trust. In fact, we advise you to visit them, hear their approach, and then come back to us!

Why Mountain Hill Investment Partners?

When it comes to Individual Wealth Management Services, a strong track record of performance and a unique approach to client management and relationships sets us apart.

  • We help clients understand and manage risk – Investing can be risky; we work hard to manage risk by choosing investments that have characteristics of safety and we use hedging techniques to lessen volatility.
  • Advice, coaching, Financial planning, implementation – We start with a Financial Plan that serves as the road map to asset allocation and advice related to reaching investment goals. We take a holistic approach by creating short- and long-term solutions for our clients which we discuss in a relatable, articulate yet down-to-earth approach. This crucial step is included in our fee-only process, but many other firms tack this on as a supplementary service.
  • Asset Allocation – An asset allocation, sometimes called diversification, is simply a division of assets among different investment options, which mirrors one’s time horizon and risk aversion. We implement the financial plan by growing our clients’ assets, allocated in a highly personalized, tailored manner.
  • Ongoing Portfolio Management – Our firm does not sell products, mutual funds, annuities, or use outside managers to invest clients’ assets. Our accomplished partners build and create portfolios for our clients personally, taking a fundamental approach to select investments.
  • Equities, stock options, Bonds, Cash management, Exchange Traded Funds – The firm has years of experience and fully understands stock selection, valuation, portfolio hedging using stock options, cash management, fixed income, and exchange traded funds.